Hymn Preludes for Organ - Book 8

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Beautiful, moving hymn arrangements for organ, ranging in difficulty from medium to medium-difficult.

Hymns included in this volume:
A Poor Wayfaring Man
Be Thou Humble
Because I Have Been Given Much
Dearest Children, God is Near You
I Believe in Christ
I Need Thee Every Hour
Nearer, Dear Savior, to Thee
Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire

Composer: Various
Arranger: Robert P. Manookin
Difficulty: Medium to medium-difficult

Reference: Matthew 25:31-40, Mosiah 2:17Jacob 2:17-19, Mosiah 18:27-28Psalm 37:3–5, Doctrine and Covenants 41:1, Doctrine and Covenants 76:52 Nephi 25:23, 26, 29, Mormon 7:5-72 Nephi 4:16–35, Psalm 143:1Psalm 145:18–20, Doctrine and Covenants 88:633 Nephi 13:5-13, 3 Nephi 18:15-20, James 5:16

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