Hymnal Helper - Obbligato Pack

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Obbligato pack to accompany "Hymnal Helper" (#00413). An obbligato is an instrumental descant played while the choir or congregation sings a verse of the hymn. All obbligatos in this collection are designed for violin or flute—except "Battle Hymn of the Republic" which is also written for trumpet—and may be read directly from the book or from these sturdy copies.

Hymns using an obbligato:
Battle Hymn of the Republic - C Instruments
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Bb Instruments
Called to Serve - C Instruments
Called to Serve - Bb Instruments
How Great Thou Art
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Our Savior's Love
O My Father
Silent Night
I am a Child of God

Composer: Various
Arranger: Various
Editor: J. Kay Ivory
Difficulty: Medium

Reference: John 13:34-35, 1 John 4:11

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