I'm Trying to Be like Jesus - Children's Chorus

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Inspired by President Henry B. Eyring's talk, “Try, Try, Try”, this touching arrangement for piano and children's chorus sweetly emphasizes the need to keep trying to be like the Savior. A powerful spirit accompanies this arrangement when used in a stake conference or primary program setting as the congregation joins the children singing the second verse (tissue is not included). This arrangement is featured in MINISTER THROUGH MUSIC Primary - Episode 2.

Also Available: the "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus Song Kit", a teaching resource for children's song leaders (this kit includes the sheet music).  CLICK HERE to view.

Composer: Janice Kapp Perry
Arrangers: Grant, Barry, and Michael Gibbons
Difficulty: Medium
Duration: approx. 3:20
Scripture References: John 13:15, 34 and "Try, Try, Try" by President Henry B. Eyring

This arrangement is the simplified version of #01895 "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus - Children's Chorus and Choir/Congregation."

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