Inspirational New Hymns for Choir & Home - Vol. 5

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Fifth volume of hymns by Janice Kapp Perry, appropriate for choir and home.

Titles in this collection:
All As One
Almighty God
Who Made This Land
An Angel With the Trump of God
Behold, the Great Deliverer Comes
Blessed Be the Name of Joseph
By the Waters of Mormon
Experiment Upon the Word
Fear Not Little Flock
He Is the Christ
How Blessed Are They Who Die In Christ
How Great Your Joy Shall Be
I Glory in My Jesus
In That Moment
Lay Hold Upon the Iron Rod
Lord, Sustain Thy Holy Prophet
On Earth and In Heaven
Our Perfect Father, Merciful and Just
Please Bless Them, Lord, We Pray
Remember the Poor and the Needy
Sacred Are the Ties That Bind Us
Sing a Song of Christmas
The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth
The Family Is Ordained of God
The Promise
There Is a Great Eternal Plan
The Title of Liberty
The Work of God To the Rescue
Two Thousand Stripling Warriors
What Is This Thing That Men Call Death
What Sacred, Holy Hour Is This?
When Evening Comes
With a Voice of Thanksgiving
With Tongues of Angels

Composer: Janice Kapp Perry
Lyricist: John V. Pearson, Janice Kapp Perry, David B. Larsen, Gordon B. Hinckley, Bonnie Hart Murray, Rodney Turner
Performance time: Various

reference: John 15:12-14, Doctrine and Covenants 34:1-4

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