Messiah Sing-In (Rehearsal and Performance Tracks)

Call for a price quote: (801) 225-0859

Many Stakes and communities put on "Sing-In" or "Sing-Along" performances every year and now they can perform this beautiful oratorio with an all-live, world-class orchestra.

The "Messiah Sing-In" tracks come directly from the Schirmer/Prout edition* of Messiah (Watkins Shaw coming soon) and it comes in several different packages.  Call us for more information and a price quote: (801) 225-0859

(The entire Messiah oratorio also available)

*In addition to the original arrangements, our Schirmer/Prout recording also features a beautiful Harpsichord (not originally included in this edition). It adds a very nice baroque texture as well as chordal support to many of the tracks.