Praiseworthy Singer - Vol. 10 (Remember Me)

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Vocal solo book for medium voice, originally published under the volume title Spiritual Living Music Treasury I: Remember Me by Lynn Lund.
Titles included in this volume:
Remember Me
God's Prophets
A Redeemer for All
The Sabbath Day
God's Holy Name
I Give All Thanks To Thee
Through Temple Doors
Ye Shall Not Fear
A Mother In Israel
The Scripture Testify of Christ
Instruments of Our Savior's Love
To Every Nation
Nurturing Others With Love
Hearts That Understand

Composer: Lynn S. Lund
Arranger: Lynn S. Lund
Lyricist: Gerald Lund and Mabel Gabbott
Difficulty: Medium

Reference:  Exodus 3; Numbers 14, 1 Samuel 1; 3:1–10, Jonah 1–3, Daniel 6 Doctrine and Covenants 21:4–7

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