The Day the Savior Came - SA

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The Day the Savior Came is sure to be a favorite among followers of Jesus Christ the world over. 

With a flowing lyrical melody, it tells the story of the long-promised day of Christ's visitation after His resurrection to the people in the Americas as recorded in the Book of Mormon. The text sweetly describes this experience from a first-person point of view: how Christ blessed the people and their children, and how they longed for Him to stay. This arrangement is set beautifully for SAB chorus and piano, and won an award of merit in 1994 in the church writing and music contest.

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Composer: Ann Luke Bailey
Arrangers: Barry, Grant, and Michael Gibbons
Difficulty: Medium-easy
Performance time: approx. 3:45

Reference: 3 Nephi 11-28


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