This Garden Is a Healing Place - Cantata

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Full Easter cantata for narrator, mixed chorus (SATB) and piano. C instrument included as a solo for "This Garden" and within "A Green Hill Far Away". Descant included within "Glory to God on High." Separate flute accompaniment is also available (#09116).

Numbers included in this cantata are:
1. Overture
2. Thou Art My Shepherd
3. Glory to God on High
4. This Garden (instrumental)
5. More Holiness Give Me
6. This Garden is a Healing Place
7. A Green Hill Far Away
8. Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Composer: David R. Naylor, Philip Paul Bliss, John H. Gower, Felice de Giardini and Music from Lyra Davidica
Lyricist: David R. Naylor, Philip Paul Bliss, Cecil F. Alexander, James Allen, Psalm 23 and Charles Wesley
Difficulty: Medium / medium acc.

Performance time: 22:00

Reference: John 19:16-20, Hebrews 13:12

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