I'm Trying to Be like Jesus

I'm Trying to Be like Jesus

In 1980, Janice Kapp Perry was asked to write a song for a children's choir to sing at an upcoming conference. The theme for the event was "kindness". As she pondered on the theme, the thought came to her that Jesus was the ultimate example of kindness and love.

Truly He has shown us how to love, and has even "given commandment, that [we] should love one another." He taught us why we need to love others and what we need to do to "abide in [His] love."

So with that powerful impression, Janice wrote: "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus."

This touching song has now been translated in over 20 different languages and has become one of the most well-loved Christian children's songs ever written.

This month, we are thrilled to release a brand new arrangement of "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus".

Click here to view this arrangement.

This heartfelt arrangement is for children's chorus, choir/congregation, and piano. It captures the sincere strivings of God's children to be like the Savior and love one another. Children sing: "Trying, I'm Trying, I'm Trying to be like Jesus."

During the second verse, choir and/or congregation join in unison with the children for a powerful, yet tender feeling that reminds us that we are all children; children of a loving Heavenly Father who are simply striving and "trying" to become like Jesus.

In a talk entitled "Try, Try, Try", President Henry B. Eyring told the following story: 

"Over a lifetime, my wife has spoken for the Lord and served people for Him. As I’ve mentioned before, one of our bishops once said to me: “I’m amazed. Every time I hear of a person in the ward who is in trouble, I hurry to help. Yet by the time I arrive, it seems that your wife has always already been there.” That has been true in all the places we have lived for 56 years.

Now she can speak only a few words a day. She is visited by people she loved for the Lord. Every night and morning I sing hymns with her and we pray. I have to be voice in the prayers and in the songs. Sometimes I can see her mouthing the words of the hymns. She prefers children’s songs. The sentiment she seems to like best is summarized in the song “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus.”

The other day, after singing the words of the chorus: “Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do,” she said softly, but clearly, “Try, try, try.” I think that she will find, when she sees Him, that our Savior has put His name into her heart and that she has become like Him. He is carrying her through her troubles now, as He will carry you through yours."

It is our hope that the message combined with this music will inspire more love and kindness and will be an enriching and uplifting experience for those performing and listening. As always, thank you for the wonderful way in which you are ministering to others through music!

God Bless,

Jackman Music


This arrangement would also be beautiful as a family choir number, the final number in a primary program, or as a ward or stake conference piece.

*For those desiring to have the congregation join in the second verse, you may choose to display or print the lyrics. Lyrics to THIS song may be used in this way for incidental, noncommercial church use.

I'm Trying to Be like Jesus lyrics

Words and Music: Janice Kapp Perry
Arranger: Grant, Barry, and Michael Gibbons
Difficulty: Medium for Piano, Medium/Easy for Children, and Easy for Choir/Congregation (choir/congregation sings melody).
Performance Time: 3:40

References: John 13:15, 34 and
"Try, Try, Try" by President Henry B. Eyring


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