I Love to See the Temple - Children's Chorus

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This arrangement of the beloved children's song "I Love to See the Temple" beautifully accentuates the warmth felt in the Lord's holy house. It is ideal for primary programs and at-home singing. Children will have no problem learning this rendition as the melody matches the classic version found in The Children's Songbook. An introduction, short interlude, and delightful accompaniment add to the rich beauty already loved in this song. As featured in Minister Through Music Primary - Episode 6 "I Love to See the Temple"

Song by: Janice Kapp Perry
Arrangement: Grant and Michael Gibbons
Difficulty: Easy for Children's Chorus/Easy-Medium Accompaniment
Duration: approx. 2:15
Scripture References: Luke 2:49

I Love to See the Temple Song Kit is available separately HERE. It is a resource designed to facilitate spirit-filled learning of this beloved children's song using beautiful graphics, reverent activities, scriptures, as well as the sheet music.

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