The Nativity Christmas Kit

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The Nativity Christmas Kit was lovingly created to help strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and celebrate the wonder of His divine birth. Every musical note and each artistic stroke was crafted to enrich your experience. We hope these tools will help you find joy and build lasting memories as you recreate that most holy night, when “He appeared and the soul felt its worth.”

The Nativity can be gloriously presented in a family room, at a church or in a more quiet, intimate setting. Whether you create a full production with engaging costumes and props or do something as simple as sitting around the kitchen table, using the craft stick characters provided in these pages, the kit is designed to make your experience more spirit-filled and stress-free. 

The central feature of The Nativity Christmas Kit is a beautiful soundtrack that flows through the experience, lifting you to a far distant Bethlehem. The soundtrack provides the narration and all speaking parts. Another version is provided without narration for those who wish to do their own reading. The script allows the option of having the narrator read all speaking parts. Access the soundtrack by following the instructions below.

The Kit provides many fun activities, recipes and experiences that will make your journey to the manger a more meaningful, memorable family tradition. As featured in Episode 7 of MINISTER THROUGH MUSIC Primary, a resource for primary music leaders.

The Kit Includes:

  • Cinematic soundtrack (with and without narration)
  • Carefully crafted script from the Holy Bible
  • "Who Will I Be?" Activity - Casting Sheet
  • "What Will I Give?" activity
  • Recipes for traditional Bethlehem tastes and smells
  • Coloring pages
  • Craft stick cutout characters
  • Sheet music
  • Nativity trivia
  • Helpful costuming ideas

Performance Time: approx. 9:30

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