Pure Love Within - Children's Chorus

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"Pure Love Within" is a tender children's song about spreading Christ's light by following his loving example. The sweet lyrics and moving melody remind us that "there is so much love we find when love is what we do." This product includes sheet music and a simplified version of the sheet music (download access). As featured in Minister Through Music Episode 17, "Pure Love Within" will be a meaningful addition to primary presentations. Multiple supplemental YouTube videos are available for this song: a lyric video, a piano-only lyric video, and the Minister Through Music - Primary episode.

Composers: Barry Gibbons and Bryce Neubert
Difficulty: Easy-medium
Duration: approx. 3:35
Scripture References: Moroni 7:47-48, Alma 5:14

Don't miss the "Pure Love Within - Song Kit," the children's song leader aid to teach this song in meaningful and engaging ways.

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