Pure Love Within - Song Kit

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This song-leader aid provides a variety of resources to teach the tender song "Pure Love Within" in meaningful and engaging ways. The pages of this booklet are filled with beautifully designed visual aids, doctrinal scripture connections, sheet music, and a service project activity suggestion. As featured in Minister Through Music Episode 17, this song kit will save song leaders preparation time and aid them in focussing on inspiration and direction for the children they serve. Multiple supplemental YouTube videos are available for this song: a lyric video, a piano-only lyric video, and the Minister Through Music - Primary episode.
Stand-alone sheet music is also sold separately.

The Kit Includes:
Sheet Music
Simplified Sheet Music (Download Access)
Lyric Flip Chart
Lyric Slide Show (Download Access)
Sunshine Review Activity
Shine Like the Sun Cards (Service Project Suggestion)
3 Scripture Visual Aids

Composer: Barry Gibbons and Bryce Neubert
Lyrics: Barry Gibbons and Bryce Neubert
Difficulty: Easy-medium
Performance Time: 3:35

The stand-alone sheet music is available, including a medium and an easy version for accompanists.


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