Let the Morning Come - Cantata

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"A musical celebration of Joseph Smith & the Restoration."

Includes the following song titles:
Overture/Light from Heaven
Waiting for the Light to Shine
"God sends a baby..."
We Named Him Joseph
"I retired to the woods..."
Oh How Lovely Was the Morning
"I had actually seen a light..."
Who Could Believe It
Upon You, My Fellow Servants
From This Small Beginning
"I am calm as a summer's morning..."
Let the Morning Come
"We announce the martyrdom..."
"No unhallowed hand..."
Praise to the Man
Script & Music by Janice Kapp Perry/Steven Kapp Perry/Lynne Perry Christofferson.

Reference:Joseph Smith—History 1:59, 1 Nephi 18:22–23, 4 Nephi 1:15–18, Moroni 10:3

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