The Church of Jesus Christ - book/perry

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A collection of 18 songs for children by Janice Kapp Perry.

Titles included in this collection:
The Church of Jesus Christ
I Will Always Obey
Anyone Can Pray
When It's Time for My Mission
I Love to Remember
We are Free to Choose
My Daddy Reminds Me
The Happiest Kind of Feeling
Grandma & Grandpa are Called on a Mission
Hypocrite Rock (words & music by Steven Kapp Perry)
I Know
Do unto Others
Daddy, I Love You
Faith Grows that Way
Jesus, Listening, can Hear
Birthday, Birthday
Jesus is My Shepherd
Speak to Me Gently

Composer: Janice Kapp Perry
Lyricist: Janice Kapp Perry

Reference:Moses 4:1-2, Alma 42:14-15

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